Mr B. is "a young Gentleman of violent and lawless Passions"

— Richardson, Samuel (bap. 1689, d. 1761)

Place of Publication
Printed for C. Rivington and J. Osborn
1741 [1740]
Mr B. is "a young Gentleman of violent and lawless Passions"
Metaphor in Context
But as he had once a Name-sake, as one may say, that failed in a much greater Instance, let not my Want of Charity exceed his Fault; but let me look upon it as an Infirmity, to which the most perfect are liable: I was a Stranger to him; a Servant Girl carry'd off by her Master, a young Gentleman of violent and lawless Passions; who, in this very Instance, shew'd how much in Earnest he was set upon effecting all his vile Purposes; and whose Heart altho' God might touch, it was not probable any lesser Influence could.
(pp. 157-8)
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Samuel Richardson, Pamela: or, Virtue Rewarded. In a Series of Familiar Letters from a Beautiful Young Damsel, to Her Parents: Now First Published in Order to Cultivate the Principles of Virtue and Religion in the Minds of the Youth of Both Sexes. A Narrative Which Has Its Foundation in Truth and Nature: and at the Same Time That It Agreeably Entertains, by a Variety of Curious and Affecting Incidents, Is Intirely Divested of All Those Images, Which, in Too Many Pieces Calculated for Amusement Only, Tend to Inflame the Minds They Should Instruct (London: C. Rivington and J. Robinson, 1740). [Title page says 1741] <Link to ESTC><Link to first vol. of 3rd edition in ECCO-TCP>
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