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Date: c. 370-365 B.C.

"After this their happiness depends upon their self-control; if the better elements of the mind which lead to order and philosophy prevail, then they pass their life here in happiness and harmony--masters of themselves and orderly--enslaving the vicious and emancipating the virtuous elements of t...

— Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

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Date: 58

"Even the all-embracing universe and God who is its guide extends himself forth into outward things, and yet altogether returns from all sides back to himself. Let our mind do the same thing: when, following its bodily senses it has by means of them sent itself forth into the things of the outwar...

— Seneca, Lucius Annaeus (c. 4 B.C. - A.D. 65)

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Date: 1596

"Nay it is (as it were) a little god sitting in the middle of mens hearts arraigning them in this life as they shall be arraigned for their offences at the tribunall seate of the euerliuing god in the day of iudgement."

— Perkins, William (1558-1602)

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Date: 1615

"If you look into the seats and residence of the faculties of the mind, you shall find the rational faculty in the highest place, namely in the brain, compassed in on every side with a skull; the faculty of anger, in the Heart; the faculty of lust or desire in the Liver: & therefore we may gather...

— Crooke, Helkiah (1576-1648)

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Date: 1635

"Reason, your viceroy in me, me should defend, / But is captiv'd, and proves weak or untrue."

— Donne, John (1572-1631)

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Date: 1642

"The heart of man is the place the Devils dwell in: I feel sometimes a Hell within my self; Lucifer keeps his Court in my breast, Legion is revived in me."

— Browne, Sir Thomas (1605-1682)

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Date: 1651

"And it is called spiritual, not that it remains not a body, but because it remains not such a body, but is so framed to the soul that both itself and all the operations of all the powers in it are immediately and entirely at the arbitrary imperium and dominion of the soul; and that as the soul i...

— Goodwin, Thomas (1600-1680)

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Date: 1660, 1676

"That providence which governs all the world, is nothing else but God present by his providence: and God is in our hearts by his Laws: he rules in us by his Substitute, our conscience"

— Taylor, Jeremy (bap. 1613, 1667)

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Date: 1681

Sadness "fetters all our Senses, pulleth down / Heav'ns Image, Reason from her rightful Throne," replacing her with "feigned Ill"

— Chamberlayne, Sir James (c.1640-1699)

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Date: 1687

"But, when arrived at last to human race, / The Godhead took a deep considering space; / And, to distinguish man from all the rest, / Unlocked the sacred treasures of his breast; / And mercy mixt with reason did impart, / One to his head, the other to his heart; / Reason to rule, but mercy to f...

— Dryden, John (1631-1700)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.